Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Closing Arguments Heard in Valassis v. News America Marketing

Closing arguments were heard today in a Detroit courtroom in a battle between the two giants of the Free-Standing Insert business – Valassis and News America.

Valassis has the "home court" advantage as a Livonia, Michigan company, and has benefited from colorful testimony from unhappy manufacturers, a former competitor driven out of business by News America, and a former employee who had contacted government officials about News America's anti-competitive tactics. Nonetheless, BNET insists that it "should not be a surprise" if News America Marketing prevails, citing the fact that the case has been long, complicated, dull, and sometimes counter-intuitive. As reported by BNET, "the majority of the testimony has been an unstructured waltz through the arcana of CPMs, net effective rates and per-page costs. Much of it was impossible to follow, even for someone with knowledge of the business."

Once the jury reaches its verdict, which should be in the next couple days, I'll let you know whether BNET was correct.


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