Monday, December 8, 2008

Valassis and News America File Summary Judgment Motions

On December 1, summary judgment motions were filed in Valassis v. News America Marketing, a $1.5 billion antitrust case involving the two dominant companies that sell Free Standing Inserts ("FSIs"), a case originally discussed here.

News America had filed a motion on November 21 to extend the deadline for summary judgment motions and Daubert motions. After the Court held a hearing on the request on December 1, the Court denied the motion, pointing out that the action has been pending for almost three years and that the parties had previously agreed to the December 1 deadline.

News America's summary judgment motion seeks dismissal of all of Valassis' claims, while Valassis seeks partial summary judgment. The briefs and affidavits in support of the motions were filed under seal and therefore unavailable to the public. Valassis also filed sealed motions on December 1 to exclude two of News America's expert reports.

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